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— R.S.

Energy Healer

LB is an Usui Reiki Master Healer and Teacher. Her practice is heart-centric and based on the core belief that it is her duty to heal herself and others.

A hands-on Reiki healing session with LB will undoubtably differ from other Reiki practitioner as she utilizes her Empathic Clairvoyance to look directly into each of the primary energy centers, or Chakras, within the client. With the aid of her Angels and Guides, she is able to view and experience the storylines in the Chakras, assist in the restored health of energy by removing blocks and increasing flow, and mend torn Auras.

After a session, she will deliver a steam of consciousness verbal download of her psychic experience during the session. This will include: imagery, words or phrases, specific physical or non-physical areas requiring attention and Self-Healing Homework for the client. This homework is intuitively and uniquely created for her clients empower them to continue their healing at home.

Commonly a client will be moved to share or express personal thoughts, feelings, or anecdotes at the end of a session. Although LB is not a trained counselor, a very safe and loving space will always be held for her clients.

LB employs a mixture of Flower Essence, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Sound Bath Healing, Guided Meditation and Shamanic Journeying within her client sessions.

Thank you. I feel so clear and light. I don’t know what you did but I do know I need it regularly.
— Scott


As a child, LB has experienced interaction with angels and interdimensional beings, but repressed this gift for fear of negative backlash. After receiving ThetaHealing therapy sessions in 2012, she began to reopen her intuitive pathways.

Since 2015, LB has been activating and empowering her unique intuitive practice. For self-work, she experiences prophetic dreams, messages, and guidance. When working with clients, LB allows herself to become an instrument for Divine High Intelligence. Oftentimes going into a deeply meditative state and channeling directly and honestly as the words and images flow through her.

Shamanic Journey & Guided Meditation

Shamanic Journey and Guided Meditation are powerful tools which LB personally practices and utilizes with her Clients. They lay the groundwork for powerful insights and healing on energetic and physical levels.


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