LBMINNICH exhibits a wide breadth of talent and experience in the visual arts.  Since youth, she has been experimenting with every imaginable art medium. 

While attending Pratt Institute of the Arts for a painting degree, she became transfixed with motion picture. 

Since 2010, she has worked as a Production Designer on feature films, commercials, short films,  fashion films, web series, tv pilots and music videos.  

In 2013, she added Directing to her repertoire; initially with art haus films and later with branded content and commercials.  Clients include: AARP, NAGRA, Reach Higher (non-profit), Israel Valencia (fashion), Vicky D'Incecco (fashion), and Leafy Couture (fashion).

She has received accolades as both a production designer and director:  applauded by the Sunset Film Festival for Best Production Design and most recently a recipient of the Hermes Platinum Creative Award for Commercial Directing.

In 2018, LBMINNICH joined the illustrious Art Directors Guild, Local 800.

Talent Manager
Sara Moss

LBMINNICH on set directing her film "TURUQ"

LBMINNICH on set directing her film "TURUQ"

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